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  • EMT Refresher & Transition Course
  • Paramedic Refresher & Transition Course
  • Critical Care Paramedic Review Course
  • Flight Paramedic Certification Review Course
  • E-ACLS & E-CPR Nationally Accredited Courses
  • NREMT Accepted Refresher Courses

Courses meet NCCP requirements.


For those involved in an emergency, those first few minutes are crucial. There is no one who knows this better than EMTs and Paramedics. At Code3 CME we understand the crucial role EMTs and Paramedics play, which is why we offer the best selection EMS continuing medical education that meets NCCP requirements and is NREMT accepted. Offering EMR refresher courses, EMT refresher courses, AEMT Refresher Courses & Paramedic Refresher courses multiple times a day, our online, LIVE instructor-led virtual classroom provides training for students from all over the world. Whether you need to prepare for your EMT recertification, AEMT recertification or just need a paramedic refresher course, our class schedule is designed to compliment the schedule of the working EMS. Take a class wherever, whenever—all you need is an internet connection.

Offering nationally accredited, CAPCE approved F5 virtual courses that are NREMT accepted, such as the Paramedic Refresher and EMT Refresher courses and other continuing medical education programs, Code3 CME’s online programming helps students meet both NCCP and state renewal requirements. All Code3 CME faculty members are noted experts in the field of Emergency Medicine.

All of our courses are taught live, and instructors lead EMS professionals through a variety of courses.

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